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Alchemy Odyssey: Rise of Shadows – Match 3 Games – iWin

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Set out on an incredible adventure in a magical realm plagued by the evil forces of the Necromancer. Accompany Elara, Neria, Brogar, and their allies as they confront their history and endeavor to bring the elemental realms together. Battle through various environments face ancestor ghosts, and learn the secrets of enchanted forges. Form coalitions with hobbits, orcs, dwarves, and elves to counter the Necromancer’s mounting menace. Take in the intricate plot as you work through the match-3 puzzles to discover the depth of the storyline and the reason for the darkness.

– Follow Elara’s journey via an engrossing story
– Meet a varied cast of characters, each with special talents
– Solve problems to obtain materials and make improvements available
– Take in exquisitely designed surroundings
– Discover and make use of legendary enhancements in multiple chapters

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