100 Thieves vs Team Liquid - Game 3 | Grand Finals Playoffs S11 LCS Summer 2021 | 100 vs TL G3 - zenkogames.com

100 Thieves vs Team Liquid – Game 3 | Grand Finals Playoffs S11 LCS Summer 2021 | 100 vs TL G3

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Finals lcs TL vs 100 Game 3 S11 LCS 2021 Summer – Team Liquid vs 100 Thieves G3 lol eSports NA LCS Summer 2021.
LoL eSports S11 LCS Summer Final Playoffs – 100 vs TL G3 League of Legends NA LCS 2021 100 Thieves vs Team Liquid VOD 1080p Full HD.
Third match of the day – 100 Thieves vs Team Liquid best of 5 game 3.
TL vs 100 G3 full game in HD 1080p.

100 Thieves line-up:
Ssumday – top Gangplank
Closer – Jungle Lee Sin
Abbeddage – Mid Ryze
FBI – ADC Aphelios
Huhi – Support Alistar

Team Liquid Line-up:
Alphari – Top Gnar
Santorin – Jungle Trundle
Jensen – Mid LeBlanc
Tactical – ADC Varus
CoreJJ – Support Leona

Patch: 11.15 – Season 11
Game date: 29.08.2021 | 08/29/2021 | August 29th 2021
Game place: LCS Studio
Casters: Azael, Kobe and Phreak

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  1. Can't wait to see 100T get shit on by EU, CN and KR at worlds. 🙂

  2. Not that it would make a difference, but shouldn't this Bo5 win reset and they have another one?

  3. Sad to see TL lose but huge props to the thieves they played a great series

  4. Closer deserved MVP and I'm still peeved it went to Spica. Spica is so valuable that he gets you 4th place.

  5. TL looks so lost… never did their homework by watching C9 v 100T ? Leaving Viego up for the first 2 games… lolz

  6. It’s interesting because at this point, 100T basically demands 2 bans, at least in NA, in Aphelios and Viego. The problem is they still play the other meta picks at a top level. So is it worth teams banning Viego when closer can still run over you with lee or aphelios when FBI still styled on them with the Varus or do you pinch abbedage at this point.

  7. Hey Epicskillshot, thank you for these videos and the speedy uploads!
    Just wanted to ask if maybe you could upload. A “game 4 and 5” so as to not spoil the result when I look on your page? ❤️

  8. 100T refused to make a mistake for TL to come back in the final lmfao. Unlike vs C9, given C9 many chances, but they still cannot do anything lol.

  9. Bruh how do they not ban viego until the last game? smh

  10. still cant forgive Papasmithy for not casting anymore..

  11. Nobody going to talk about how Reapered is GOaT?

  12. if TL fans still not understand, they should watch closer.

  13. if you wanna win a title you need turkish player i guess 🙂

  14. How crazy is the fact that the team that won NA Championship has 0 NA players?
    What's even crazier is that there are only 3 players that are from NA out of the 15 that are representing NA at Worlds.
    Few years ago it was funny joking around and calling them import region, but now it's becoming entirely import region, they have no domestic players whatsoever. The fuck is going on?

  15. So Tactical and FBI is the only two from NA in NA LCS Final..

  16. I don't understand all the drama behind the import rule discussion. There's was only 2 NA players, out of 10, actually playing here, so it seems it already went through. Hell, i think even the coaches are from outside NA!

  17. Ssumday cutting onions during the postgame interview

  18. 100 thieves vs t1 at worlds final let’s go lol

  19. TL looks like they playing in Soloq and not communicating if the trundles gonna commit that hard for first blood I would think u would want the Leblanc to come with u river even if the waves getting shoved cause u have no clue where the jungles is then boom lee sin fist him when the rune prism root him like wtf 😬 series over from tgere

  20. Jensen is such a shit egoistic player, its insane how this guy remains relevant

  21. Simply outclassed. Like they don't belong to the same league.

  22. So happy for these guys! Can't wait to see our 3 teams at worlds this year let's goooooo

  23. Closer jogou muitoooooo, bicho tava afiado

  24. 13:22, am I the only one who thought 100T dropped shelly into mid lane?

  25. Someone call the authority's as TL just got abused

  26. 100T is soooooo bad and wins, what does that say about TL???

  27. 100T is complete trash, lolol such rookie play

  28. Steve here looking and begging Regi for Doublelifts address and number.

  29. Closer made such a mess in their heads TL banned 3 junglers and picked a very similar team to 100T game 1. They just didn't know what to do anymore. Let's play their style and deny their carry to see what happens

  30. 0-11 kda for the "best" mid laner ever.. lmao if Jensons was only half as good as ego, he would have been world champion like 8 times

  31. Yo where are all the people that said TSM was better than 100T ???

  32. TL looked fucking awful this whole series. 100T played well, played with authority, but my god this was such a bad showing for NA finals

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