Zenko Games presenting DIAMONST at Svilupparty (Bologna)

Few days ago we’ve been at Svilupparty, an event in Bologna (Italy) dedicated to the Italian Indie developers.

Svilupparty is a meeting promoted and hosted by Archivio Videoludico/Biblioteca Renzo Renzi where indie developers, gamers and journalist can meet and talk about their projects and their experiences.

We had the pleasure to meet many great teams and have a lot of fun with the different games of the show.

We also had the opportunity to talk about our project, DIAMONST, and despite we were there without a playable version, we’ve been surprised by the warm feedbacks we received.

Can you distinguish the Reality from the Augmented Reality?

Svilupparty has been a great occasion to talk with journalist from The Game Machines and YouTubers like Fraws from Parliamo di Videogiochi, you will soon find an article about us on their channels.

Zenko Games w/PDV

Part of the Zenko Games team with Fraws from Parliamo di Videogiochi

The show has been an important proof that we are working on the right direction, we have still a lot of work to do, but soon you will be able to test our game.

Be patient 🙂