Demo now available for Android – Kickstarter coming on the 27th of September!

Dear friends and followers, the demo of DIAMONST is now available on the Google Play Store for Android Phones and soon will be available for iOS too.

You can know test our game and take funny screenshot with our characters, but that is just an appetizer of the experience we want to create and that we explained in this video:

If you want to learn how to play, you can take a look at this tutorial:

We will be on Kickstarter from the 27th of September where you can help us making the game ordering some cool perks and merchandising such as the Kitsu plushy that everybody loved at Gamescom 2017!

Faboulus, isn’it?

And guess what… you can be in the game too!
We know it can be a little expensive, but we can turn you in a 3D character and put you in the game as an NPC that all the other players will see and they will have to interact with you to do quests or battles.


Our first goal will be the multiplayer, in the demo there is already a “brain” that can process the moves from two different players, but we need your help to build the server infrastructure.

From there, the other funds will be used to add more characters and make the game more strategic and entertaining.

If we reach the second stage we will add some cool geolocalization features, such as the ability to create tournaments in the real world or conquering “Outposts”, gps-tagged place where you can leave a team in defense from other players.

With the 3rd stage we will add RPG mechanics such as characters levels and evolutions, NPCs to fight against or to talk to for missions and daily quests and finally the story mode.


Reaching the goal for the story mode will be an hard task, but we know that there are many people out there willing to help us making this project and living a Gaming Adventure in the real world!

If you want to help us too please download our app from the Google Play Store, follow us on the social netwoks and invite your friends to do the same, together we can do it!

Download our demo from the stores, click on the picture below for the direct link:

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