Adventure awaits! Our journey begins.

Hello world!

We are finally live and it’s time to introduce ourselves 🙂

We are Zenko Games, a videogames company based in Padova, Italy, and we are born around a mission:

Make you live the most immersive gaming adventures!

To achieve this goal we firmly believe the new technologies like Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality can fill that gap between playing a videogame and living a videogame.

Just to be clear, we love classics videogames, we are born with them and they are a part of our culture, we loved infiltrating in Shadow Moses as Solid Snake, exploring Hyrule as Link (not Zelda!), smashing boxes as Crash Bandicoot or slaughtering monsters in the many aliens world we have been, but… and this is a big but, all the treasures we found, every NPC we have talked to, every villain we faced, in other words everything we did, we did it in front of a monitor and we feel we are missing something.

We know that the outside world has great graphics but the story line and the gameplay is quite lacking, but don’t worry, we are here just for this.

Thanks to the modern technologies we can finally Augment the Reality, adding that layer of magic we were missing.

Our world has a lot to offer, beautiful landscapes and hidden rewards await the bolds who dare to leave their comfort zones and start exploring, it’s the perfect scenario for many marvelous adventures and we are here to create them, we are here to craft those stories that will push you to live a gaming adventure in the real world.

We want you to feel the sun on your skin while you are facing a dragon, we want you to feel the weight of your backpack during a quest and we want you to feel your feet sore at the end of the day, because, when you will finally find relief back home, the pain will go away, but the memories of the adventure will stay with you forever.

That’s why we are here.

Adventure awaits, come out and play.

Alessandro Pedron

CEO of Zenko Games